Classification of Waza

Nage-Waza (67 techniques)

Katame-waza (29 techniques)

Nage-waza (67 techniques)


    Numbers indicate the position inside the Go Kyo no waza (Shin-Go Kyo, stipulated in 1920).
    (example: "1-1" is the 1st of Dai-ikkyo (the first kyo))

  • indicates that it was included in the Kyu Go Kyo (stipulated in 1895) but was excluded when it was revised in 1920. (8 techniques)

  • indicates the newly-named wazas 1(stipulated on Oct. 05, 1982).

  • indicates the newly-named wazas 2 (stipulated on Apr. 01, 1997).

Katame-Waza (29 techniques)