Judo Ranks

Achievement in Judo is recognized by a series of ranks. The student ranks are called kyu and are usually differentiated by colored belts (obi). Different colors may be used around the world and in some countries there are more than 6 kyu ranks. The ten black belt, or expert, ranks are called dan.

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How to Tie a Judo Belt (Obi)

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The traditional Judo ranks are:

Judo Rank Belt Color
English Japanese Junior Senior
6th grade Rokyu 六級 White White
5th grade Gokyu 五級 Yellow Yellow
4th grade Yonkyu 四級 Orange Green
3rd grade Sankyu 三級 Green Brown
2nd grade Nikyu 二級 Blue Brown
1st grade Ikkyu 一級 Brown Brown
1st degree Shodan 初段 Black
2nd degree Nidan 二段 Black
3rd degree Sandan 三段 Black
4th degree Yodan 四段 Black & Red
5th degree Godan 五段 Black & Red
6th degree Rokudan 六段 Red & White
7th degree Shichidan 七段 Red & White
8th degree Hachidan 八段 Red & White
9th degree Kudan 九段 Red
10th degree Judan 十段 Red